3 Real Benefits of Dental Implants: Surprising Ways Implants Can Change Your Life

3 Real Benefits of Dental Implants: Surprising Ways Implants Can Change Your Life


A smile is truly a wonderful thing, and strong, healthy teeth are the key to a great smile you can keep for a lifetime.

A healthy smile is a sign of a strong body, and if you are missing one or more teeth, it’s not too late to do something about it! Dental implants are the the best possible replacement option for missing teeth. This is because they are anchored into the jaw and actually become a part of your bone structure.

If you have been considering dental implants as an option, here are 3 reasons why taking that next step can change your whole life for the better and show you some of the major benefits of dental implants:

1. The Benefits of Dental Implants: Find the Fountain Of Youth For your Smile (and whole face)

Have you ever looked at celebrities or other folks and wondered what in the world they’re doing to stay looking so young? How many times have you heard (or even asked) that famous question: “What’s your secret?” They may tell you about some miracle cream, but we suggest taking a closer look at their smile. Having a healthy smile can help to keep you younger – even better than any cosmetic procedure!



Your body is designed with teeth in mind. Your lips, cheeks and the skin on your face is firmer and more taut when there are teeth to be covered. As we age and lose teeth, we also lose bone structure. This is what can cause the skin around the mouth, cheeks and eyes to appear looser and more wrinkled.  The loss of bone makes dentures loose and slip easily.  It makes eating chewy or hard foods difficult.

Placing implants make a big different with denture comfort.  They are placed in the lower jaw and the denture clips onto them to secure the fit.  This in turn filled out the facial features and can make a person look much healthier and younger!




2. Choose your food, don’t let it choose you!

Have you heard someone say: “Oh, I’d love to eat that but my teeth just can’t take it.” Have you said it? Many times people choose foods that are easier to chew, rather than options that are healthier. No one wants to worry about dental issues getting in the way of a good meal. Missing teeth can make it difficult and even painful to enjoy healthy foods, and our diet choices can have both short and long-term effects on our whole-body health.

Our bones stay strong and healthy through exercise, and our jaw bones need exercise too. Chewing healthy foods is one way to help keep teeth and bones strong and healthy. One of the great benefits of dental implants is they act just like natural teeth, and with proper care and regular checkups, will help you to enjoy delicious and healthy meals for the rest of your life.

Sometimes tooth loss is the result of an accident – a slip and fall, or even an auto accident can result in tooth loss. One of the great benefits of tooth implants is that they are anchored directly into the jaw. That means there is no impact on the surrounding teeth, which may be perfectly healthy.


3. Stop and Even Reverse Osteoporosis and Bone Loss

Osteoporosis, or the loss of bone material in the body, affects both women and men. The jaw is one of the first places osteoporosis is often detected. A healthy diet and exercise is recommended for people of all ages, and our smiles also benefit from an active lifestyle.


The more teeth we have, the better we can chew, and the better we can chew, the stronger our jaw bones will be. Dental implants have been shown to slow, stop and even reverse bone loss in adults. Implants work to keep surrounding teeth strong and healthy, too. If your smile is healthy, the rest of your body and bones will be healthy, too!


It is widely known that the majority of us believe that a healthy smile is one of the first and most important things we notice about a person at first impression.  A healthy grin is much more than a fashion statement or just for cosmetic purposes – there is science behind the importance of a smile.

Some of us hide our smiles – not because we are unfriendly, but because we’re self-conscious about missing teeth.  Do you hide your smile?  When you are confident, you smile more.  Replacing missing teeth and addressing oral health issues with dental implants can be just the boost you need to take that next step in your relationship, career path, or simply greater confidence in your smile.




Ultrasonics and your Cleaning Visit

We are proud to give you the most progressive, technologically advanced and thorough dental care here at PDC.  Dentistry is always changing  – new and old techniques are re evaluated and your care is customized just for you.   This includes not only your visit with your dentist but also your continuing care/ cleaning visit with your hygienist.


If your hygienist determines that you would be a good candidate, she may recommend using an instrument that has been around for a while.  It is called an ultrasonic cleaner and it is quite amazing.  It uses sound waves to remove deposits (plaque, biofilm, tartar and stain) from the teeth.

The hand piece has a metal tip, similar to our regular scalers (scrapers) except that the tip is smooth, with no cutting edge.   When the foot pedal is depressed by your hygienist, the tip of the ultrasonic vibrates.  It vibrates thousands of times per second!  Interestingly the patient cannot feel it moving, however it crushes tartar buildup and easily removes other deposits.

The ultrasonic is accompanied by a fine water spray.  The water spray is there to cool the tip but its secondary use is that of “lavage” or rinsing the deposits away.  We use the dental suction during the procedure to remove extra water.

Not only is the ultrasonic removing hard deposits and stain quickly and with absolutely no scraping, it removes biofilm thoroughly.  Biofilm is the plaque that causes periodontal disease.  The ultrasonic removes it easily below and above the gums for a very thorough cleaning.  It is beneficial to patients with gum disease but it is also just as beneficial to those with healthy gums.

Ultrasonics have been around since the 1950’s and we have had them in the office for years.  In the past, it was mostly used to treat gum disease however many, many recent studies are showing that they benefit almost all patients.  This is why we are incorporating their use into our regular routine.

If your teeth that are generally very sensitive , if you have very little dental deposits, or if you simply prefer it – we may stick with traditional hand instrumentation.  Each person is different and we customize your care according to your needs.  We would love to answer any questions that you have and if you have any thoughts or concerns, definitely let us know!  We are excited to share this updated treatment with you!

-Your friends at PDC


April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month



April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

At PDC we want you to know that we work hard and are proud to give you and your family a thorough oral cancer exam as part of our dental check up/ continuing care exam. Our hygienists and dentists are highly trained to examine, palpate and evaluate your throat, tongue, cheeks and intra and extra oral cavity for any unusual findings. We work together with you, our patients, to keep your mouth healthy and beautiful for a lifetime.


Yellow Teeth? Whitening Options here at PDC

Are you noticing that your smile isn’t as white as it once was ?  There are many factors which cause teeth to darken in color.  Various types of staining, age, and genetics are some of the most common.  It is not something that you have to live with, in fact you can change the color of your teeth with tooth whitening very easily!

First we need to make sure that you are a good candidate.  Generally speaking, teeth that have not had dental restorations will get the best results.  Crowns and tooth colored fillings will not lighten.  Other factors may make whitening more challenging, such as teeth intrinsically stained with tetracycline or teeth with a grayish shade.  If you do have a couple tooth colored restorations, we may need to resurface the filling with a color to match the new, brighter shade.  We will work hard to customize your whitening treatment so you get the best results possible!  Please ask us if a whitening treatment is a fit for your smile!

We have a number of whitening options available here at Progressive Dental Care.  they range from ZOOM, our in office whitening, to Tres White, our professional strength take home kit.

ZOOM – in office whitening

This is our in office, in the dental chair whitening option.  It is 3 sessions of 20 minutes under the Zoom light.  It saves you a few weeks of time, if you were to whiten at home.  We give you custom whitening trays and more whitening solution for home if you want to continue to to improve your result.

pdcblog2 pdcblog1



Custom trays/ Home Tooth Whitening

We take molds of your teeth and have our lab custom make your whitening trays.  You can choose from Day White or Night White whitening solution. No way is better than another, it is really the preference of the patient.

Day White- a hydrogen peroxide gel that is worn 15 minutes 2x per day or 30 min 1x per day for a few weeks.

Night White-  a carbamide peroxide gel that is worn overnight for at least 6 hours for a few weeks

pdcblog5 pdcblog4


Opalessence to Go

The Opalessence to Go kit is 10 preloaded, professional strength upper and lower trays to use at home.  Unlike Crest White Strips, these comfortable trays reach back to the molars, where the strips only reach to the eye teeth.    The trays are worn for 30 – 60 minutes.  These are great for in between touch ups or gifts for family and friends.

pdcblog7 pdcblog6



Zoom Whitening Pen

The pen is a fantastic touch up whitener that is used optimally two times per day.   It is best used after a patient has done the initial tooth whitening process.  It is convenient and easy to use.



Supersmile Toothpaste

This is a smooth, creamy paste that helps stains from reforming on teeth.  Many of our patients use it after they have whitened to maintain their lovely white smiles




As you can see there are quite a few options available!  If you have any questions about what whitening system would work for your smile, please do not hesitate to call us anytime!  Progressive Dental Care 207-773-1703



Protecting You: Sterilization and Disinfection at PDC



Have you ever wondered how we get our dental tools and rooms ready for you before your appointment?  Come with us on this tour while we show you!


1.  Used instruments are placed in this ultrasonic “dishwasher” to pre clean before they are sterilized.




2.  The instruments are wrapped and placed in one of PDC’s 4 autoclaves



3.  This autoclave sterilizes the doctor’s hand pieces and hygienist’s polishers among other items.  Each hand piece / polisher is fully sterilized after each use.  They are never just wiped down with disinfectant and used again.  We have many hand pieces and polishers available to allow for this.  We send a load through each autoclave about every hour or so.



4.  See that white strip of paper with a black square?  That is one way in which we can tell that sterilization is valid and a success!  This run through is a ‘go’ because the square turned black.



5.  We even heat sterilize our x ray holders!



6.  Each treatment room is thoroughly wiped down with hospital grade sanitizer



7.  The dental chair is wrapped in plastic.  We wrap anything that we will potentially touch.



8.  The air/water syringe, suction and computer mouse are also wrapped



9.  Of course the light handles and switches are wrapped too!



10.  This device stays in our water bottles and keeps our water lines free of biofilm (bacteria)  We also clean the suction lines regularly.  pdcstar17


11.  Each of our expert clinicians uses hospital grade hand sanitizer to clean hands before gloving up,



12.  We wear glasses , masks and gloves (Universal Precautions) and we have very ‘cool’ sun/safety glasses for you!  ;D




13.  Before we unwrap our cassettes, we double check a sterilization mark on the paper…. a color change means that it is sterile… this one is good to go!



14.  We are a latex safe office!  gloves, prophy cups etc are latex free!



Thank you for learning about our sterilization and disinfection procedures here at PDC.  We are always available to answer any questions that you may have!



We are Most Thankful for YOU!


Dear friends,

With the start of the busy holiday season right around the corner, Dr. Valle, Dr. Fox,  Dr. Armstrong and all of our staff wanted to stop for a moment to say how thankful we are to have you in our dental family. We realize that our practice thrives because of great patients like you. We are the lucky ones because we not only help keep you and your smile healthy, but we also have the pleasure of knowing you and your loved ones.

A special thank you to all of our patients for giving us the privilege to serve you.  At PDC, we are blessed to have such wonderful patients that  We work hard everyday to provide the best care anywhere.

Let us all give thanks every day, not just once a year.   We hope everyone has a safe and very happy Happy Thanksgiving!




– From all of your friends here at Progressive Dental Care




Keeping Your Gum Pockets Healthy


We can’t talk about keeping teeth for a lifetime without talking about healthy gums!

Your teeth are held snugly in the bone that is surrounded by your gums (gingiva).   When healthy, they are pink and firm.   When diseased, they are red, swollen, bleeding and in the case of advance gum disease, loose!




Your hygienist and dentist examines your gums at each continuing care visit by measuring your gum pockets with a periodontal probe.  These pockets normally surround your teeth and should measure 1-3mm deep with no tenderness, bleeding or swelling.

If we do find areas of bleeding and the pocket depths are shallow as described above, then you may have gingivitis, or inflammation of the gums.  It is important to floss, Waterpik, and brush your teeth (electric toothbrushes are great!) to thoroughly to remove plaque, the cause of gum disease and periodontal disease.  Gingivitis is reversible  with through homecare.

If the pockets are deeper that 3mm: that is a sign of periodontal disease that affects not only the gums but the bone that holds the teeth.  Advanced stages of periodontal disease may include deep pockets, tartar under the gums, bleeding, pus, and loose teeth.   Treatment may include: more frequent dental visits, deep scaling (cleaning), prescribed rinses and antibiotics such as Arestin that are placed under the gums.


Of course what you do at home makes a significant impact on the health of your mouth.  Don’t forget to get your floss all the way down to the base of the gum pockets and scrape each side of the tooth a few times.  Plaque is the cause of gum disease and our goal is to remove as much as we can on a daily basis.

We want to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime.   If you have any questions, we are here for you!

– Your friends at PDC

Halloween Candy Buy Back


If you have too much Halloween candy this year, consider “selling” it to us!  We will be paying 1.00 per pound (up to 5 pounds!) for your wrapped candy.  We will be collecting from Monday 11/2- thru Thursday 11/5 then shipping it all to Operation Gratitude.  Operation Gratitude then sends it to our service men and women so they can have a sweet treat from all of us!

Stop in at Progressive Dental Care

192 Western Avenue

South Portland, Me 04106  207 – 773-1703

Hope to see many of you next week!






Cosmetic Dentistry for a Chipped Tooth

One of the most common issues  that we see  is a chipped or cracked tooth. Your teeth are naturally very strong, made of the hardest material anywhere in your body. But a powerful enough impact, whether from biting down on something hard or being struck in the face, can be enough to chip or break that enamel.

If the chip in your tooth is severe, you will likely seek out dental help voluntarily. However, even a small chip in your tooth should be examined.  Left untreated, a chipped tooth can change your bite alignment or lead to a more serious crack in the tooth.



The cosmetic dentistry procedures that can be used to treat a chipped tooth include:

  • FILLING or BONDING – used for small chips in your teeth than are repaired with tooth colored composite resin .  These are carefully created chair side by your dentist.pdcblogbond
  • CROWNS cover the entire tooth, recommended when a large portion of the tooth breaks.  In this case, fillings or bonding is not strong enough.  This crown is made in a lab after your dentist carefully prepares the tooth.pdcblogcr
  • ONLAYS cover much of the tooth but not all of it.  A conservative restoration used for smaller fractures .  your dentist prepares the tooth and a lab creates the onlay.pdcblogonlay
  • VENEERS – used mostly for the front teeth.  Veneers can recolor and reshape the tooth – lasts longer than bonding .  These are made in the lab after your dentist prepares the tooth.  pdcblogven
  • SMOOTHED OR POLISHED – if the chip is small enough, very often your dentist can polish it – however if the chip is too deep, polishing will not help and you will need to look into repairing it with one of the above techniques…

If you have a tooth that fractures or chips, please call  our office as soon as it happens.  Our number is 207-773-1703 and we will make an appointment to see one of our dentists as soon as possible.    If the break occurs during non office hours and you are in pain just follow the emergency prompts on our voice mail.  We are always available to care for you.