Protecting You: Sterilization and Disinfection at PDC

Have you ever wondered how we get our dental tools and rooms ready for you before your appointment? Come with us on this tour while we show you!

1. Used instruments are placed in this ultrasonic “dishwasher” to pre clean before they are sterilized.

2. The instruments are wrapped and placed in one of PDC’s 4 autoclaves

3. This autoclave sterilizes the doctor’s hand pieces and hygienist’s polishers among other items. Each hand piece / polisher is fully sterilized after each use. They are never just wiped down with disinfectant and used again. We have many hand pieces and polishers available to allow for this. We send a load through each autoclave about every hour or so.

4. See that white strip of paper with a black square? That is one way in which we can tell that sterilization is valid and a success! This run through is a ‘go’ because the square turned black.

5. We even heat sterilize our x ray holders!

6. Each treatment room is thoroughly wiped down with hospital grade sanitizer

7. The dental chair is wrapped in plastic. We wrap anything that we will potentially touch.

8. The air/water syringe, suction and computer mouse are also wrapped

9. Of course the light handles and switches are wrapped too!

10. This device stays in our water bottles and keeps our water lines free of biofilm (bacteria) We also clean the suction lines regularly.

11. Each of our expert clinicians uses hospital grade hand sanitizer to clean hands before gloving up,

12. We wear glasses , masks and gloves (Universal Precautions) and we have very ‘cool’ sun/safety glasses for you! ;D

13. Before we unwrap our cassettes, we double check a sterilization mark on the paper … a color change means that it is sterile… this one is good to go!

14. We are a latex safe office! gloves, prophy cups etc are latex free!

Thank you for learning about our sterilization and disinfection procedures here at PDC. We are always available to answer any questions that you may have!

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