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Beautiful, natural looking crowns created right here in our practice, while you wait! At Progressive Dental Care, we have several high tech options to make your life just a little bit easier. Did you know that we can create your new crowns right here in our office, often in one day, using the incredible CAD/CAM technology through our state-of-the-art CEREC in-house milling machine?

The CEREC works by:

  • Connecting directly with our on-site dental lab, which means we are able to use every available tool and technology to ensure you get the very best, most convenient treatment.
  • Saving you time and keeping you out of our chairs as much as possible with fewer appointments. With Cerec, you don’t have to schedule extra appointments with us or any other specialist office!
  • Allowing us to almost instantly place natural looking, tooth colored, long lasting and beautiful crown restorations for the same cost as traditional, metal-colored crowns.

To learn more about the amazing advanced we can achieve with CEREC and how it works, click here.

High-Tech Imaging

Our suite of imaging and diagnosing tools allow us to stay high-touch while being high-tech. If we can’t see what is going on with your dental and oral systemic health, we can’t be nearly as effective as we must be in order to keep you healthy and smiling, for life. That’s why we’ve incorporated so many cutting edge technologies – technology that allows us to diagnose and treat every possible issue before it becomes an unsolvable problem. Just a few of our state-of-the-art tools include:

  • Zeiss High Powered Microscope, allowing us to see thousands of times more clearly than the loupes most dentists use,
  • Digital radiographs and imaging, which use 90% less radiation that traditional x-rays while at the same time giving us a better overall image quality and the ability to store digitally with all your records, meaning we’re able to access your complete file from any computer,
  • 3-D ICAT scan, which means that we all get to see the whole picture right here at Progressive Dental Care.

Our Progressive Office

Using the latest technology to stay in touch and keep you safe. When you arrive as a new patient at Progressive Dental Care, you may be impressed by the many ways in which our front office staff has incorporated high tech solutions that allow us to keep our patients feeling like family, including:

  • Demandforce, allowing us to communicate with our patients using every possible method,
  • Electronic records that are fully HIIPA compliant and allow everyone at Progressive Dental Care to seamlessly communicate with you, with each other, and with all our high tech tools and systems, including
  • Lexicomp, an automated drug interaction software that works directly with our fully secure electronic records.

We are constantly watching for and implementing any and every high tech communication tool in order to make your time with us ever more relaxing and convenient, as well as safe and secure.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (207) 773-1703.