Our new patient experience is unique, thorough and comprehensive.  You will meet one of our skilled hygienists as well as our Doctors. It is sincerely our pleasure to meet you!

After completing your medical history and other necessary forms, your hygienist will greet you and show you around our office.

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If you would like a sneak peek of our office, click the link below and check out the tour beforehand.


We will Listen

Your hygienist will sit down with you, review your medical history as well as listen to any dental concerns or questions that you may have.

We Take Thorough Records

We then take any necessary digital x rays and digital photographs.

Hygiene Exam

Your hygienist will  take your blood pressure, complete an oral cancer screening, and thoroughly examine as well as chart your teeth and gums on our computerized system.

She will review her findings with you, give you home care advice and demonstrate how to clean and keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Meet our Dentists!  

We will introduce you to your new dentist Dr. Kevin Valle. He will discuss and listen to your dental concerns. He will examine your teeth and gums and determine a treatment plan, if necessary.  You and your new dentist will be partners in your care.  We will work together to ensure you have the best outcome possible.  We want you to know that we are always here to answer any questions you may have and we will work hard to earn your trust.

Teeth Cleaning
Many people will ask if they can have their teeth cleaned at their new patient visit.  We make every attempt to do so if there is time available.  Sometimes we do need to reappoint and we will let you know as we proceed through your exam.

Your Child’s New Patient Experience
We LOVE kids here at Progressive Dental Care! We want your child to have a fun, educational and positive visit with us. We will take it slow, explain what we are doing and take cues from the child. We will teach them to brush and care for their own teeth, polish and place fluoride varnish. At the end of the appointment we invite the kids to join our, “No Cavity Club” and pick a prize out of our prize closet for doing such a great job!

We invite you to sit in on the hygiene/cleaning visit.